The Inside Electric Formula E Drivers Word Search
© FIA Formula E
© FIA Formula E

The Inside Electric Formula E Drivers Word Search

We know times are hard right now. Most of you are stuck at home with little opportunity to get outside and there’s only so much Netflix you can watch… right?

But fear not, we might just have the answer to cure your boredom. Ladies and gentlemen…. The Inside Electric Word Search has arrived!

C’mon guys… take this seriously, it took us ages to create! Ok, so there are no prizes and this really is just for fun, but hopefully, we’ve made this tough enough that it should keep you busy for an hour at least.

There are no less than 40 Formula E driver surnames to find, many from the current grid but also a few familiar names from previous seasons. You can find a printable pdf version at the download link above, and please remember to let us know on Twitter how many you managed to find. Good luck!

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