Berlin E-Prix Race 4: Every Penalty Explained
FIA Formula E Round 9 - Berlin E-Prix ©FIA

Berlin E-Prix Race 4: Every Penalty Explained

I’m beginning to think the stewards are trolling me. After a solid 20 or so decisions following almost every single race I’ve ever covered, this one comes in at another bumper low. Four! Four. What’s the point of me having memorised the regulations?


Neel Jani got absolutely hammed into during Race 3 at Tempelhof and as such, needed a survival cell change (the thing in the car that protects the driver from the other bits of the car during collisions) – it wasn’t his fault, so he faced no penalty but with very little to go on here I guess we’ll talk about that.


Mechanics on Sergio Sette Camara’s badly injured Dragon car also allegedly stayed out too late but nothing happened as a consequence, except that everyone was probably even more knackered than the usual experience of working on the car. They also faced no penalty for a battery change.


made a slightly risky move on early on last race – ending it for Günther, although both were well back from the points. He gets a 3-place grid drop, which is a bit agonising for a botched braking onto his teammate, after winning in the race before.

That’s literally it. I can’t believe it, either.

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Written by
Hazel Southwell
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