Evans will be ‘annoyed’ if he misses title shot this year
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Evans will be ‘annoyed’ if he misses title shot this year

driver says it will be “annoying” if he fails to win the ’ championship this season as he feels this will end up being his best shot to date

Evans sits eighth in the standings – 21 points adrift of teammate – ahead of the first race of the doubleheader this afternoon. The Kiwi is yet to win this season but is one of 15 drivers currently still in contention to be crowned Formula E’s first World Champion next month.

Having been in contention during the past two seasons, Evans told Inside Electric that he’s confident he can make the difference this time, having learned from his bad experience in Berlin last season.

“I’m definitely confident [but] we’ve still got Berlin to deal with. [London] should suit our car, so we need to capitalise on being in Group 2, but we’ve still got four races to go, and the points gap is tiny,” Evans said.

“In a way, I have probably got a better shot [than I did last year], but there are 15 guys who’ve got a solid chance at winning this championship. You’ve got to just treat everyone the same. You’re fighting more than half the field who can win this.

Asked why he feels he has a better shot this year, Evans added: “It’s just more experience [that I have now] and hopefully that’s gonna help. I feel like I’m driving really well. You need a bit of luck in this championship for it to fall your way, but you want to control things you can control.

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“I feel like I’m in a good mental state, performance window, but whoever wins this championship is going to need a really clean end to the year. Hopefully that’s me, but things here are so random; it’s so up and down. I just hope with the experience I’ve gained over the past few years that I can put it all together and finish on a massive high.

“It will be annoying to miss out on the title after my third shot [and] with this being my most genuine shot at winning it.”

Despite Evans’ confidence, he was one of several drivers in London to draw attention to Formula E’s qualifying format and the number of surprising results it’s contributed to this season.

With 10 different polesitters and nine different winners so far, Evans suggested the current qualifying format was having too much of an impact on results and said it would be “weird” if a driver won the championship by being in a more advantageous qualifying group for the last race.

“Who is seventh on the last day could go into Group 2 [and win], which hopefully [is a situation] we don’t have this year. It could well be that the guy in seventh still has a championship chance coming into the second race of Berlin and wins it,” said Evans.

“That would be weird, and look, do we want that? Do we want it that random? It’s probably getting a bit too extreme that a guy in seventh comes out winning. You want a few guys in the mix, but it’s gonna unfold how it unfolds, and we can’t control that.”

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