Lynn: First Formula E win is something I’ve dreamed about
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© FIA Formula E

Lynn: First Formula E win is something I’ve dreamed about

Mahindra driver has described his first Formula E victory as “crazy” and says it is something he had dreamed about for many days leading into his home race.

Today’s victory for Lynn came on his 40th start in the series but this weekend marked the first time the former GP2 race winner had competed in a home E-Prix.

After a Formula E career that’s seen him compete for three different teams over five seasons, but only once for a full campaign, Lynn’s journey to the top step has been a tough one. But speaking to Inside Electric after the race, the 27-year-old’s emotions were plain to see as he revealed he’d dreamed of this moment over the past few days.

“I’ve really loved competing in this championship and I really think that other than Formula 1, this is where the best drivers in the world come,” said Lynn.

“I’ve always felt so proud to be a part of that but for some reason I’ve never been able to solidify my position in a team and put my feet in. That’s really been difficult to come in and out, in and out, in and out.

“Every time I came back in I felt I did a decent job and sometimes it just never worked out. I have to say, the last few races I’ve felt so complete as a Formula E driver and to win today is crazy. It’s something that I’ve dreamed about for many days, about working hard to be able to win one day and today we did it!”

Despite 10 different winners having won races so far this season, Lynn said he didn’t think his opportunity would come but was proud of having finally proved to himself that he has what it takes to win.

“No [I didn’t think it would happen] because I really feel like this championship owes no one anything. It’s the calibre of the drivers and teams; you don’t get given anything you have to go take it.

“When something opens up you have to grab it even harder and grab it by the scruff of the neck. That’s what Formula E’s about.

“For me, it was more [about proving to] myself. I am someone who prides myself on never giving up. I’d like to think you can say whatever you want about me… not quick enough, not talented enough, couldn’t put it all together, but the one thing I’d always like to save is that I never gave up.

“[I wanted to prove] that I can win a race in this championship and this afternoon I ticked that final box for myself.”

With news circulating in recent weeks around Mahindra’s approach to sign driver , speculation has begun again regarding Lynn’s future with some suggesting he’ll be the driver to make way at the end of the season.

Asked if he could confirm his plans for next year, Lynn said: “All I know is what I’m doing tonight. I’m going to enjoy a couple of drinks and soak it all in.

“Right now [my future] is looking OK but I still don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ve got some nice things on the table and some things I’m going to enjoy in my career. I’ve got a few goals I want to achieve and we’ll see where life takes me.”

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Written by
Rob Watts