Mortara sees “no reason” to leave “very smart” Venturi team
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© Venturi Racing

Mortara sees “no reason” to leave “very smart” Venturi team

says he sees “no reason” to seek a move away from next season and hopes to achieve even better results in Season 8 as the team continues to improve.

Mortara is nearing the end of his fourth straight season with the Monegasque team and looks set to finish in the top 10 of the drivers’ championship for the first time with his best ever points tally.

Having previously been linked with a move to the Mercedes factory team, Mortara looks likely to stay with for a fifth season, making this one of the longest-running driver-team relationships on the grid.

“We’ll see where we finish this season, then we’ll see if [the team] are happy and I’m happy,” said Mortara. “It’s been going quite well this year, so from my side, I don’t see reasons why we should split. From my side at least, I’m pretty happy where I am.”

“This year has probably been our best year and I hope that we will improve race after race, and maybe in the next seasons, if I can still race with the team, I would like to achieve even better results.

“It’s clearly not easy to get results when you’re in the smallest team, but that does not mean you can’t. I think that we have an incredible group of people working in the team that put a lot of dedication, they are very smart, they put a lot of hours in to try to give us a good car, but it’s clearly not easy when you’re fighting with manufacturers.

Despite still being in mathematical contention to win the drivers’ championship, Mortara played down his chances and says he’s “not dreaming” of it just yet.

“You’ve got maybe 15 to 20 drivers that have a possibility to win this championship so it’s still very early. Even if we’re at the end of the season, you try to do your best, you know, then we’ll see where we are after Berlin,” said Mortara.

“It’s not about dreaming or anything, it’s just about trying to do your best race after race, and try to collect as many points as you can. If you do a good job, normally you should be standing up there [on the podium]. So far I think we’ve done a pretty good job.

After the high of winning in Puebla, Mortara has had to settle for some more modest results in recent races, but the 34-year-old says he’s come to accept that as part of how the championship works.

He was one of a number of drivers in London to discuss the impact that qualifying has had on results this season, but unlike some of his rivals, Mortara is not pushing for the format to be changed.

“When you go in Group 1 you have a high chance of qualifying at the back and then in order to come back, it’s difficult. That’s why you have 15 drivers still fighting for the championship,” said Mortara.

“This is what Formula E and the FIA want to do, and we’ve found ourselves in this situation. We’ve all had our ups and downs, when normally you have a good weekend the next weekend if you’re in Group 1, you don’t have a good one.

“That’s part of it, you need to accept it. You need to capitalise on these situations when they’re in your favour.

“I think that this year you have even more consequences for Group 1 on the championship because the level of each team has been going up. This is even more compared to the last few years.

“I still think it’s cool in a way because there are a lot of uncertainties regarding the championship [battle] and and I think this is positive for the fans and the people watching.”

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Written by
Rob Watts