A note to all our followers

A note to all our followers

We are approaching the end of what has been an extraordinary season of Formula E. There are two races left to go, and we are excited to finally see who gets crowned Formula E’s first ever World Champion driver and team in Berlin.

The is an important weekend for Formula E as it marks the end of Season 7 – a series first as an FIA World Championship – but it will also be a milestone weekend for us at Inside Electric.

It’s with regret that we’ve made the difficult decision to stop Inside Electric at the end of this season. 

We have worked tirelessly over the past 22 months to bring you our own brand of insight and informed opinion, as well as a more entertaining brand of content (particularly our podcast) that’s hopefully made you, the fan, feel a little more connected to the series than perhaps you did before.

The decision to stop Inside Electric has not been an easy one, but the reasons for it are quite simple. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been tough, and it has taken us all in different directions, both in our professional and personal lives. Running Inside Electric and creating the content that you all enjoy and with the level of professionalism you deserve takes time. It is not something that can be fixed easily with money either.

We are simply not happy to give a “half measure” version of our content. It’s all or nothing – Inside Electric must be our best work, otherwise it is no longer fit for purpose. We feel it is unfair to ask you to back us financially, or support us with your time, if we’re not able to keep our standards at the level we expect of ourselves.

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Unfortunately, we have now reached the stage where we can no longer give Inside Electric the time and attention it deserves. We realise we were never likely to compete with some of the larger, more established publications out there, but we feel we were the little MGU that could – punching above our weight for the most part, and it was great fun bringing you all along for the ride.

So now, with just the Berlin doubleheader remaining, we feel it’s the right time to stop. We’d rather bow out humbly on the podium than risk Inside Electric falling to the back of the grid.

This won’t be the last you see or hear of us, we can assure you of that. But for the time being, all that’s left to say is – Thank You.

Hazel, Katy, Peter, Rob

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