Nelson Piquet Jr. Interview : Ep.15 Inside Electric Podcast
Nelson Piquet Jr. © Rebecca Jodgalweit
Nelson Piquet Jr. © Rebecca Jodgalweit

Nelson Piquet Jr. Interview : Ep.15 Inside Electric Podcast

In episode 15, Katy chats to season one Formula E champion , and unsurprisingly, there was a lot to catch up on! Nelson discussed his rise up through the junior formulae, his brief and controversial spell in Formula 1, and why he thinks he’d still be racing in Formula E today but for one key decision that he made.

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  • Glossing over your part in rigging an F1 result Nelson… You got no penalty from the FIA because you were given immunity by the FIA for your testimony, not because everyone gave you support. The same goes for why you ended up in NASCAR, rather than continuing in F1. There was no room for you anymore after Crashgate. To an extent you were a victim of it but you allowed yourself to be that victim.
    As for Alonso racing in all those other categories, he’s done that partly because no other top team will have him now after all his poor behaviour at various teams.

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