About Us

Inside Electric are a collective of independent motorsport journalists who have joined forces to bring you a wealth of news, in-depth features and exclusive interviews from the world of FIA Formula E and beyond.

As well as specialising in Formula E, Inside Electric are also committed to delivering interesting and exciting information on the rapid growth of electric motorsport – both on two wheels and four. 

Our experienced team, whom between them have been accredited for over 100 Formula E races combined, will be using their abundance of knowledge and connections across dozens of motorsport championships to create a website that will be home to original and inspiring content about the next generation of ‘man and machine’. 

In addition to a change in the automotive industry, there has also been a shift in the way journalism is being delivered. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are an independent publication with no hidden agenda; just honest and informative content. The way it should be.

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